I’ve spent most of my life partying with the best of them. I’m often the last one (barely) standing, pouring myself another cocktail after everyone else had gone home or gone to bed. Every event, most evenings, every weekend often revolves around when and where I’ll be drinking.


This got worse when I moved to a mountain paradise where it seemed that was all anyone did.


Going skiing? Put whiskey in your pocket.


Camping? Stock the beer cooler (and don’t forget the whiskey damnit!).


Mountain biking? Rarely…. because I was too hungover on Saturday mornings to do so.


Holiday? Parade? Thursday Evening? Sunday morning?




I took pride in my drinking, publically. I had a good life, and a good time. I was confident and free.


Until I wasn’t.....


Until I was guilty, ashamed, sick, tired, bored, and broke.


BUT committing to sobriety FOR LIFE feels scary, undoable, and like a punishment. Especially for a rebel like me.


So I’ve started this blog in hopes it will help me (and maybe you) commit to a mostly sober life without the fear of a relapse - because when you’re (mostly) sober, there’s no such thing.